Tragena Owen | About

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by. If you have taken the time to look through some albums here....then you already know, I love all kinds of photography. Since a pretty young age I have been awe-struck with light {the way sunrays beam through the clouds, the glow of evening sunlight, the way light dances through trees in a summer breeze}. Love love love it! To me, the only thing better than an amazing landscape or streetscape, is having wonderful people to photograph in that beautiful setting!

I grew up in walking distance from the Chauga River and just a few minutes from the Chattooga {mountains of SC, bordering GA and NC}. Being outdoors is just wonderful! I love rocks and waterfalls and animals and green! is my favorite color....imagine that ;) All other colors are close runners-up though. Especially when all of the colors burst in the fall! After "growing up" {part of me never plans to do that} and getting married, I moved to Ft. Stewart for a time. My husband, Chris, was a Combat Medic in the Army. So as a new wife (out of my element...I had never lived anywhere but in the mountains), I spent countless hours exploring south GA. Savannah was a new world for me. Loved the mossy trees, black water...learned to shrimp and crab. Fun times. Fast forward a few years, a war that left my husband permanently injured and two amazing babies {boys} I am back in the mountains. It's so much fun to see my boys growing up just like I did. Playing in the river, enjoying the amazing landscapes God created and breathing fresh mountain air!

As a photographer, I specialize in you! I am not just one "type" of photographer. Life is bigger than that ;) I have so much fun photographing weddings! It is such an honor and privilege to be a part of a bride and grooms most special day. I love emotion and I love, it is wonderful to capture those big and little moments that tell a story. I also enjoy photographing babies! Every little one captures my heart. Ugh, those little fingers and toes {toes are my favorite} are just precious. I love toddlers and small children with their big personalities. Always an adventure and fun to capture their smiles and even tantrums. Another favorite of mine, Seniors! I really enjoy and consider it an honor doing Senior pictures. This is a big milestone in a teens life {also mom and dads life} so personalizing and capturing them in their "element" very rewarding and fun for me.
Life happens everyday. We all go through good times and and downs. The important part is, remembering to live with a heart full of love! And being determined to see adventure and wonder throughout our lives. That is why photography is so important. It freezes a moment in time. As time passes us by {way too quickly}, it's the photographs that tell our story. Thanks again for taking the time to get to know me. And I would be happy, to get to know you.


Likes and Quirks:

I like coffee...a lot!

Peanut butter makes me happy and sweeter (stabilizes blood sugar ;)

One of my favorite movies is Ever After. And I love kid movies. Having kids just gives me an excuse to watch them. lol

I would love to eat healthy....but I just love cookies and cake and well anything pasteryish, way too much to let it go!

I clean when I'm mad.

I love love love saucy-messy foods (ex. wings, ribs)

I love Cream Soda and Dr Pepper but I love water most!

I'm a really big fan of Jesus ;) And I choose to worship God...not the Universe.

I like to be creative but am very guilty of starting multiple projects and taking forever to actually complete one! (i had this problem before it's just worse)

I like frozen grapes.

Love mocha!

Love to snuggle with Caleb.

Love love love to hear Isaac laugh uncontrollably.

Love to see my boys playing sports, reading, writing, drawing/painting....I just love to watch them :)

I am convinced I have THE best parents on the planet (36 yrs of marriage and still going strong)

I am the wife of an Iraqi Freedom Vet (Chris was severally injured in 05 and currently teaches our boys)

I believe in living by the golden rule {Do unto others as you would have them do unto you}

I've been told (a lot) I have a sweet voice even when I'm trying to not be sweet. Stinks sometimes! The dog doesn't even listen when I scold her. lol BUT my husband says I def have attitude. Good! ;)

I love adventure.

One day, I WILL ride in a hot-air balloon!

I have the biggest, most irrational fear of deep water. Ugh, gives me shivers.

I think the beach is beautiful.

And the river! I love waterfalls!

I like turtles.

Hate snakes!

I have ducks named Happy and Daffy.

Lop bunny named Fluffy.

Cute mutt named Bella.

Chickens....they do not have names.

I like rain and thunderstorms.

Love love sunrays and big puffy clouds.

Daisies are my all-time favorite flower (white w yellow middles AND yellow w brown middles). Close runners-up are peonies and well...all flowering plants ;)

I am a list-maker.

I do not like to be cold.

Chaos does not make me happy. I think I'm too ADD to handle it. lol

Music brings me joy.